Mark Barrott / Travelling Music / International Feel

Travelling Music is the second solo release from Mark Barrott, after a period away from the spotlight, producing other people. The title track is constructed from synthesized, kosmische, chimes, the electric counterpoint created as they collide. Snares then smashing, suddenly disturbing the serene soundscape. Later on the E.P. these dancing drums are partnered by a percolating beatless reprise. Mark’s calling the concoction “Balearic Trance”, which is something that DJ Marbo was pushing, championing, some 15 years ago, when I first arrived in Tokyo. Marbo was pitching down 140, 150 BPM bangers, to a more palatable – perhaps – 120. A committed audiophile, at the time he was only using vinyl, so to do this he had to have customized decks. Mark, though introduces Italo arpeggios, and a momentum that has more in common with Giorgio Morroder`s Chase than Sunlounger`s Agua Blancas spinning at -12%. To be honest, I personally prefer the milder, mellower,  Chillin 4 Work, which, with its bottleneck slide guitar, could be an outtake from Mark`s previous offering, Sketches From A Distant Ocean. Its synthetic sighs and beatific bubbling, a perfect match for 2019`s gorgeous, Galileo.

Mark Barrott`s Travelling Music is out now, on International Feel, also keep an eye out for Hostel La Torre Volume 4. 

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