Jezebell / Concurrence

Jezebell re-boot 2021`s Concurrence, repackaging the track with four fresh remixes. The original is a rattling (rim)shot of spaced-out dubwise. Sorta tribal, suggesting some dark ceremony – a tonking of timbales like a call for sabres (of paradise) at dawn. Still stoned the morning after. A cheeky scat sample (Chaps I know, but I ain`t saying) offsetting the slightly scary, clanking industrial skank. 

Ban Ban Ton Ton`s Osaka-based tomodachi, Akio Nagase, might spike proceedings psychedelically, plugging-in his beloved TB-303, but he simultaneously smooths out the rough edges. Surfing on buzzing sitar strains and snapping house snares, Akio fashions a fizzing global dance-floor fusion that, for sure, could have been spun at Future or Shoom. Monsoon meets Trax, midway through it doubles its dose, and really begins to bang, before falling away into echo. 

South London duo, 33rd December, get busy with some hypnotic hammering, trapping ghostly whispers within their machines. A freaky funky alternative,  simmering with Chris & Cosey-esque subliminals, it might be minimal, but its constantly moving, motoring, mutating.  

Super FU submit an incredibly accomplished, radical rework that adds all manner of live-sounding instrumentation – such as slapped / spanked bass, and aquatic synths splashes – which push the piece in a pop-funk direction. A wicked, winning, wah-wah lick positions it somewhere between the proper, old school, Balearic of Belouis Some and Simple Minds. 

Finally veteran UK DJ / producer, Pete Bones, rewinds to 1994. To quote music scribe, Kris Needs – from his legendary Black Echoes review column, Pete “dons his trance trousers” with an obsidian collision of electro, acid, and dub. The “Sound Of Sabresonic” revival continues. 

Jezebell Concurrence

Jezebell`s Concurrence is available on Bandcamp. 

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