Be.Lanuit / Nebulosa  / DSPPR

Spanish, Ibiza-based, producer, Be.Lanuit, who’s previously released work on Music For Dreams, now delivers his debut E.P. for Chris Coco`s digital imprint, DSPPR. The 3 tracks find him caught up in 2 different collaborations. The first, the titular Nebulosa, is a dark dreamscape, of synthesized strings and acidic squiggles, which features the lyrics and vocals of singer, Inana. The second, sees The White Isler do his stuff with stems supplied by pianist / composer, Jorge “Bjorkey” Quesada, founder of the jazz ensemble, Ombra. 

Namibian Scents starts out as a Penguin Cafe Orchestra-esque mix of classical and folk – warm Rhodes-like keys, and some really grand piano accompanying traditional African chant. Gradually, though, the piece picks up pace, and the electronics become more and more prominent. The pairs reading of the ancient Sephardic song, Hixa Mia, opens appropriately hymnal, or prayer-like, with Jorge in duet with the very talented Tanit Navarro. This choral calm, however, quickly gives way to a rocking contrabass riff, and considerable flamenco heel-stamping and hand-clapping. The track then breaks down to some Sebastien Tellier-esque ivory tinkling, before, with significant swing, introducing a saxophone, a little Romany violin, and kicking back in with that rude Ali Friend / Red Snapper-esque b-line. 


Be.Lanuit`s Nebulosa E.P. is out now, on DSPPR.

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