Donald’s House / 37° South  / Wax O Paradiso

After wowing with their debut from OK EG, Wax O Paradiso now deliver a varied 4-tracker from Donald`s House. There are 3 down to mid-tempo numbers for the cosmically inclined. Ranging from the sunset boogie of 37° South, to the bleepy, Under the Lilypad. In the middle, Aurora Australis reminds me a little of the dramatic rock / pop dance of FK`s remixes of Dave Gilmour`s Blue Light and Al Di Meola`s Sequencer. Incredibly well-produced, all feature ambient intros and / or sections that verge on the Vangelis. Yes, they`re really that good. 

Increasing the BPMs, bells introduce Budge-E Beat – echoing Fini Tribe and their classic, De Testimony, while the drum programming nods toward `80s New York freestyle. Teasing touches, clipped criss-crossing cascades, of piano, stop the track from getting to dark, or prog-y. 

As a digital bonus you’ll also receive the Flightless Bird Mix of the latter, which focuses on the stomping and stamping mechanized funk, and as such, for my money, is the most “Balearic” of the bunch. Boisterously built from a borrowed break, splashed with sound effects, and eventually bolstered by a full-on 4 / 4. Skimming the surface, the track doesn’t seem to do much, other than rattle a gated riff around, but the magpie steals and samples are cut about with the kind of ecstatic cross-fader abandon that once characterized the remixes of Andrew Weatherall and Justin Robertson. It`s as creatively chunky, say, as Underworld decon-recon-structing Bjork, and, I think, brilliantly, deftly, executed. 

Donald’s House`s 37° South E.P. will be released on June 27th, care of Wax O Paradiso.

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