We’re Taking A Trip

I`m going away. I’m posting this now to let you know that the site might slow down, a little bit. For a little while.

I`m making a much needed, way overdue, trip to visit my folks. I haven’t been “home” since the the fall of 2019, and no one is getting any younger. 

In the past, usually I`d stay at my dear old Mum`s, or my wonderful sister`s, and every morning disappear for a coffee and bang out a quick record review. Just to keep the blog ticking over. But this time I fear that it`s gonna be different. Too much time has passed, too much has happened, for me not to take full advantage of the few days I`ll have with those that I love, that the short visit will allow. Especially since, in the middle I`ll be flying to Spain for an antiguo amigo`s wedding.

It`s possible that I might squeeze in the odd new post, but just in case I’m gonna leave you with some pre-written, pre-loaded pieces – from me and a few of the other BBTTers, Adam, Cal, Mike, and The Insider. 

Please bear with us. Normal service will be resumed. I promise. 


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