Hostal La Torre / Volumen Cuarto 4 

The series of compilations that captures the sunset sound of Ibiza, Cap Negret`s Hostal La Torre has reached Volume 4, or rather Volumen Cuatro. Carefully curated by La Torre residents, Mark Barrott & Pete Gooding, each collection reflects the differences, overlaps, and synergies, in their individual eclectic tastes.  

I’ve been lucky enough to be involved in the project, in some capacity, pretty much from day one, and both chaps have become firm friends, so, yeah, I’m gonna be a little biased, but each album is more than well worth your time, and as a set they represent a solid selection of seriously good music, taking in pretty much every genre.

The new edition runs from the serene sonics of Suzanne Ciani, new age “Diva of the Diode”, to ambient techno highlights from R&S` mid-90s heyday, along the way, gathering groovy Malian griots, sublime Synclavier soul, and cool cocktail-hour soft / yacht rock. 

For a further taste of La Torre, you can also check out Mark & Pete`s latest Worldwide FM broadcast – where I was honored to be asked on as a guest – plus a really nice interview with the duo in Faith Fanzine`s forthcoming summer “Ibiza Special” issue. 

pete gooding mark barrott worldwide FM copy

La Torre Volume Cuatro

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