Saidera / Luzes Da Cidade / Leng

Intercontinental trio, Saidera, struck sonic gold last year with their debut double-A-sided single. Originally issued as a cute 45, on Jacques Renault and Nik Mercer`s Brooklyn-based label, Let’s Play House, one of the tracks was subsequently remixed for the 12” format by Ray Mang, who roped in the equally legendary Nathan Haines on flute. Now signed to Leng, that same tune, Deixa Tudo Fluir, appears in a radically reworked “reggae-fied” version. This Uprocking Dub is a lush leftfield, cool Compass Point-esque, skank that comes across like Mike Fabulous meets Chaz Jankel`s wonderful To Woo Lady Kong. It`s so Balearic it even manages to squeeze in some loon birds at the end. This, however, is effectively the E.P.`s “bonus beat”, and the main draw is new song, Luzes Da Cidade (“City Lights”). 

Built on the percussive pitter patter of a cumbia-like rhythm, and propelled by a rough and ready bossa nova strum, in its original take this is a catchy pop sunshine sing-along. A bouncing, buoyant, burst of Ed Motta-esque boogie, which weaves a whistling woodwind, and deft electric lead, around its heartfelt Portuguese vocal. 

There’s an exuberant instrumental, which pushes the flute to the fore, while cannily positioning some added cowbell and very White Isle-worthy Spanish picking. Then a more “peak-time” extended remix – a four-to-the-floor, tribally tinged ritual, a tumbling torrent of rumbling bass, where the vocal is reduced to delirious, disorientating dubbed-out fragments – completes the package.

Saidera`s Luzes Da Cidade is out now, on Leng.

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