ISOR29 / Moon Phase Gardening / Second Circle

Colombian musician, Tomas Garcia Station, aka ISOR29, composed Moon Phase Garden on the most rudimentary kit. Using only a microphone, hang drum, and field recorder, he`s constructed 6 tracks of a most organic techno, by mutating these basic elements – magnificently – through a Korg MS20 monophonic synthesizer. Harnessing ambient chimes to almost house-y 4 / 4s, and rattling, racing, shaking syncopation. Rolling crashing surf in amongst bubbling bleeps. Mixing moody, murky, mid-tempo tribal thumping with a morphing jive of juice-harp-like frequencies and sampled dialogue. 

In places these vocals are vapourized voices, drifting in and out of Orb-esque arrangements of gamelan vibrations and rotor-blade oscillations. On Mi Vida the narration is in Spanish – treated and twisted, while circuits buzz like sitar strings, until the track and the words take on the tone of a psychedelic, shamanic chant. The poet on Banshiki has you questioning your habits, your personality, your destiny, and asks, “Are you able to just sit still, do nothing, find peace?” Genesis sets snatches of the late P. Orridge themself – discussing mankind’s definition of dimensions – to a looped flickering funk, super reminiscent of the mid-90s IDM collected on Music From Memory’s essential Virtual Dreams comp. Raga Soledad, full of TB-303 fractals, phased ringing, and burping bass modulations, is like Detroit Grand Pubah`s Skydive From Venus taken East by some terrific tabla action. Spirals is a heads down, eyes closed, sorta prog-y trancer. Its shifting, shuffling beats might remind older folks of classic Underworld, or Holy Ghost`s Mad Monks On Zinc. 

The whole LP, while totally danceable, is incredibly hypnotic, and meditative. Music for altering states. Take it easy on the refreshments, mind, or you might find yourself suddenly motionless in the middle of a strobe-lit floor, surrounded by fruggers, as you stare into, contemplate, commune with, inner space. 

ISOR29`s Moon Phase Gardening is out now, on Second Circle. 

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