Medlar / Top 10 Crazy Obscure Cuts – By The Insider 

South Londoner, Ned Pegler, aka Medlar, has a fresh 4-tracker, the Interruptor E.P., out on Delusions of Grandeur. Producing music for well over a decade, but still only in his early 30s, his new 12 contains varying shades of disco`s revenge – from the conga`d I Wish, to the big room dub techno-flavoured Cable Street. Turn Things Around is an off-kilter Chicago / Cajual / Relief-esque groove, featuring flashes of funky organ, that`s eventually softened by an orchestral swoon, but it`s the title track that will be of most interest to Ban Ban Ton Ton regulars. Looping up a chunk of tribal tub-thumping, and a chant that`s previously been pinched by The Orb, rather than straight forward house, the results have more in common with 3rd Face`s classic borrowing of Roberto Simone`s Coro Delle Lavandaie. Medlar`s eclectic, dare I say Balearic, sonic armoury of samples perhaps reflecting his day-jobs, as a cutting and mastering engineer at the Peckham Cuts Dubplate Shop and presiding over the counter at the Rye Wax Records store. The Insider – who`s a big fan of Mr. Medlar`s signature ‘wonk’ – asked him to furnish us with 10 of the most obscure cuts in his collection. 

Word and selections by Medlar. Concept conceived by The Insider.

Haruomi Hosono / Philharmony

Haruomi Hosono : Philharmony

This features a famously bizarre version of Funiculi Funicula, but the rest of the album is what I love. It switches between atmospheric ambient and more song-based tracks. There’s some really cool use of sampling on here.

Crazy Bald Heads / First Born

Crazy Bald Heads : First Born

Reissued by Four Tet on his Text label in 2014, this is oddball UK garage – built out of samples. A bit like if Madlib was from Essex.

Joe Gibbs / Bionic Encounter

Joe Gibbs : Bionic Encounter

Not crazily obscure, but a fun dub / disco track by Joe Gibbs. It has a synth part that’s reminiscent of Patrick Adams’ signature ARP Odyssey solos that feature all over the P&P catalog.

Data / Robot Life

Data : Robot Life

This Data track was added as a bonus track to the 2016 release of Šizike’s U Zemlji Čuda LP, originally issued in 1984. I made a dancefloor edit of this which I sent to Discom, and at one point it was set to get a release.. the whole LP is very cool.

Back Stabbed / Make You Believe

Back Stabbed Make You Believe

Secret Weapon! Not an amazing pressing but I absolutely love this cut-up of Stabbed`s Theme From Chicago – which itself is an edit of Adonis` No Way Back – and Carlton’s Do You Dream.

Incogdo / Simply Just A Ventage

Incogdo : Simply Just A Ventage

I was recommended a copy of this in Amsterdam, by a legendary record shop /seller in the centre of town, who’s name escapes me. A super rough edit of a John Rocca track by Derrick May and Carl Craig. Made for personal use then bootlegged and released on a Dutch label. I’ve only ever played this once or twice. It`s perfect for a big festival stage in the sunshine in my opinion. Watch the sound engineer come over to adjust the master on the mixer several times before it’s over.

Candido / Jingo (Breakdown Mix)

Candido : Jingo (Breakdown Mix)

Shep Pettibone’s drum version of Jingo. Sounds like some Simmons electronic toms or similar on this percussion version of a Salsoul classic. The original also has great production, and a great arrangement, that really works on a big system.

Hothead / I Don’t Wanna 

Just a really nice cover version of the Rod Stewart song. I heard this on a US radio station and ordered a 45 from Neck Chop Records who released it. Recorded on an iPhone at The Storefront in Philadelphia in 2016.

Hothead : I Don't Wanna

Barmy Army / Billy Bonds MBE

Barmy Army : Billy Bonds MBE

The only flexi-disc I’ll likely ever own. An Adrian Sherwood produced track on On U Sound about a West Ham player.. due to popular demand? Probably not.

Radsonic / Weird Out West

Radsonic : Weird Out West

A version of KLF’s It’s Grim Up North, but about the West Country, more specifically neighbouring towns to Radstock where I lived as a kid. The only posse cut to shout out Radco and the batch.

Medlar`s Interruptor E.P. is out now, on Delusions Of Grandeur. 

Medlar Interruptor

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