Precipitation / Glass Horizon / 100% Silk

Tokyo-based producer Zefan Sramek aka Precipitation translates his trips to the rural Sado Island – the spiritual home of Kodo drumming – into an album, Glass Horizon, for 100% Silk. The resulting music moving between beatless, ambient interludes, idles and drifts, and a driving, but dream-like dance music of blue skies. All of it featuring field recordings, and segueing through symphonies of summer’s constant cacophony of cicada buzz. The seven songs, serenaded by shorelines and seabirds, forming a suite where similar, repeated, melodies, themes, float in and out. The combination of soft synthetic sighs and gently bubbling TB-303, creating a warm fuzzy feeling, like being caressed by cloud-like vapour, and countering the sometimes racing electro rhythms. 

There are nods to `90s IDM, and plenty of old school Chicago drum, and bass, programming. The most enjoyable moments, those to get lost in, in fact, are those with a forceful 4 / 4. Eight, and nine minute epics where speedy snares and high-hats synergise with warm, sunshine-filled pads and hushed conga rattle, to produce nuggets of new age-nuanced house. Waveforms whistling like whale song, recalling classics such as System 7`s Sirenes, and Larry Heard`s Alien. 

Precipitation’s Glass Horizon is out now, on 100% Silk.

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