Lea Lisa’s All-time Top 10 – By The Insider

Lea Lisa has been DJing, and promoting, for a long long time, with her activities centred around the Folklor Club, in Lea’s hometown of Lausanne. Lea has also been producing music for a fair old a whack, with releases on labels such as Wolf Music and Chez Damier`s Inner Balance, dating back to 2017. However, to be honest, I wasn’t aware of Lea`s music until I heard Keys Of Life, issued on Phonica`s Karakul imprint last year. A pumping and ever-so-slightly acidic pounding piece, offset by emotive synth, super jazzy vibe run, and an orchestral finale. This was partnered by a great Glenn Underground remix, which despite having “Chicago” in its brackets, was filled with Detroit-leaning Sci-Fi drama. Lea now returns to Phonica with an homage to Mark Goddard`s sought-after seminal slice of `90s UK techno, The End. Lea`s tribute take, entitled Love To The End, being an epic, evolving, 12-minute re-imagining. Colouring the classic drum-programming with trippy, twinkling, loved-up detail. Its big breakdown, snare rolls not withstanding, providing a moment of clarity, revelation, in the rave. 

Here The Insider asks Lea for ten of her favorite tracks….

This “all back to mine” was brokered by The Insider.

Lea Lisa 3 - 2022 copy

The Nightwriters – Let The Music (Use you) – Danica Records

The Night Writers - Let The Music

I would say just beautiful, one of my favourite records. It still manages to make me cry. Sometimes, I don’t have the words. I play this on repeat often. Vibes are better than words…

Strafe – Set It Off – Jus Born Productions

Strafe - Set It Off

Released in 1984, I discovered this record in the mid-90s. There’s an electro punk feel to it that really reminds me of the `80s. The lyrics are cool and reflect the mood I like to share when I mix in clubs.  

Warehouse Records presents Ron Trent – Altered States

Warehouse Records presents Ron Trent - Altered States

One of my favourite producers. Since his debut, I’ve been checking out every release. You could say I’m one of his biggest fans. There will always be Ron Trent in my bag.

Truth (Mark Goddard) – The End – Funky Groove Records

Mark Goddard - Truth

This is a very sought-after record for collectors. Beyond rare. I have a visceral attachment to this E.P. It represents, epitomizes, for me, the the music of the early `90s, which still makes me vibrate today. I also appreciate the human being who made this record, he wanted to make a record that sounded like him, which makes this record even more endearing when you know Mark. I am very happy to dedicate my new E.P., Love To The End, to him. 

Kerri Chandler – Super Lover E.P. – Express Records

Kerri Chandler - Super Lover

This is Kerri Chandler’s first official release. Kerri is a dear friend and this record is very sentimental to me. Kerri didn’t have a copy himself, so I wanted to give him mine, but he said, “you’re crazy!” he said “keep it!” The story has a happy ending because he later found a copy in his dad’s flight case…Very moving. 

Choice – Acid Eiffel  – F Communications

Choice - Acid Eiffel

This is a record that every DJ should have in their collection. It made me live , experience, intense emotions. When this track is well placed in a set, it’s just magic…Shazz, Laurent Garnier, Ludovic Navarre had a huge influence on me. 

Chateau Flight – Instant Race – Versatile

Chateau Flight - Instant Race

I want to talk about Chateau Flight because for me it’s one of the best bands in electronic music. They have a real identity, a demonic groove. Versatile is one of my favourite labels, I wish they would release more often!

Round Two Feat Andy Caine – New Day – Main Street Records

Round Two New Day

Behind this series of records are the producers Moritz von Oswald and Mark Ernestus. Round One, and Round Two, are among my favourite Deep House tracks. You can recognize the special grain that`s also found on Maurizio’s Serie M productions. You add a voice like Andy Caine’s and it really characterizes, defines, what we call deep house. It touches your heart. 

Cassio Ware & the OG’s – I Wanna See You Freak (Like Dis) – Black House / Funkysoul Recordings 

Cassio Ware

This record has a dirty ghetto house feel to it that I really like, and Cassio’s voice always gives it a sexy edge. It works very well!

Claude Young – Changing Factors – Frictional Recordings

Claude Young - Changing Factors

When I go into more techno sounds, this is really the kind of track I’ll play. Claude Young, it’s really insane! From Detroit with love!!

Lea Lisa`s Love To The End is out now, on Phonica Records. 

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