Unloved / Thinkin’ About Her / Heavenly Recordings

Trailering the new, massive, 22-track double LP from Unloved, is a soon to be sought-after 45 pressing of Thinkin` About Her. Due to it featuring in the hit TV show, Killing Eve, the 7`s sure to become highly collectible, but on the merit of the music alone it deserves to be a smash. Opening with a faded fanfare, the song starts as a sighed lullaby, accompanied by subliminal snatches of backwards vocals. A ghostly, beatless, Phil Spector-esque wall of sound, where the haunting string melody is very John Barry / James Bond. Taking its cues from classic (bad) girl group ballads, like The Shangri-Las` Remember (Walking In The Sand), it mixes those tropes with the strangest bits of Screamadelica. Think Inner Flight and Shine Like Stars. Filtering the gigantic genius of The Beach Boys` Brian and Dennis Wilson through Andrew Weatherall and Hugo Nicolson`s pukka productions. Echoing Brian’s wife Marilyn`s amazing American Spring project, and Primal Scream`s more-than-elegantly wasted cover of Dennis` damaged Carry Me Home. There are Pacific Ocean Blue piano chords, and glimpses of Scream Team tour bus tunes, `60s favourites such as Manfred Mann’s Just For Me. The drama building to just a touch of tribal toms, a la Velvet Underground`s Mo Tucker, or tenement kid, Bobby G., back when he was bashing those skins for The Jesus & Mary Chain. 

Unloved’s Thinkin’  About Her is out now, on Heavenly Recordings. 

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