The Zenmenn and John Moods / Hidden Gem / Music From Memory

Music From Memory’s much-loved Zenmenn* return with a set of of 6 fragile, bruised, love songs. A collaboration with close friend, John Moods, all of them are ballads really. Situated somewhere between the yearning yacht rock of Michael McDonald, and Different Corner-era George Michael. Don’t forget that we know the guys are fans, due to the sneaky, cheeky, nod to Wham!`s Last Christmas on their last single. The love-lorn slow, soulful shuffles sing the blues, with a fusion-flavour, that connects them to smart, jazzy, songwriters such as Michael Franks. The production and mix have a live, gently jammed feel, and everything features, benefits from, gliding, pitch bent, pedal steel notes. Contrasting countrified twang, and acoustic strumming, with plucked harp-like chromatics. The pieces often breaking down and dissolving into ambient soundscapes. 

There are duets, and instrumentals, while the solo opener, Out Of My Mind – “I`ve got a loser’s timing, searching but never finding” – is possibly the album’s standout. Personally, in my book, it has a character and quality on a par with something from Jaki Whitren & John Cartwright`s International Times. 


The Zenmenn and John Moods` Hidden Gem will be released on October 17th, care of Music From Memory.

*At the last gig I played, all 3 DJs spun The Zenmenn`s Bella Fantasia.

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