Two Tribes / Cosmic Picnic Vol. 1 / 7s Clash

Cosmic Picnic is a collection of cuts from London’s Two Tribes Brewery crew, and their 7s Clash imprint, that despite the title, leans more toward the Balearic. One of the tracks, Humans, appeared on a physical 45 last year, but I think the rest of the tunes are new. Justin Deighton and Leo Zero construct All Connected from a Joy Division loop. Coming on like one of those classic Peter Black edits, they then introduce Italo arpeggios and Nitzer Ebb-esque chants. I’ve coincidently just finished reading Jon Savage’s brilliant Joy Division oral history, This Searing Light…. where one of the anecdotes has Martin Hannett, after seeing the band live, declaring them the future of dance music. 

Prayer To The Mother features vocals from Sacha Souter. The Shoom face famous for fronting The Grid`s Floatation. A near 10-minute chug, full of mysterious Middle Eastern melodies, it also makes extensive use of the same Aretha Franklin gospel LP that was once caned by the Boys` Own DJs – see Weatherall`s remix of Sly & Lovechild, and Farley`s take on Rubberman Rock Da House. “Church, it`s morning time!””Keep hope alive!” Pete Herbert remixes Time, transforming the reggae-influences and rasta-sampling with the exotic zing of a zither, and resonating reeds. Y R We Here poses the titular question, and also asks, “Where are we going?” against a slo-mo electro backdrop of serrated strings, machined marimba, and a bit of blues-y riffing. 

The baggy-beated Those Were The Days finds Two Tribes` mate, Marcel, reminiscing about his first trip to an orbital rave. A tale of convoys, excitement, ecstasy, and ferris wheels, accompanied by gated, backwards, fretwork. Sentiments Of Soho Theatre is a tribute to Charlie Chester and Karen Dunn`s legendary club, Flying, that filters Fela Kuti’s Sorrow, Tears, & Blood through the Kwanzaa Posse, and adds some very Italian joanna. My favourite, though, might be Roots Dub, a piano and clipped guitar vamp on Lamont Dozier`s much-loved musical landmark, that’s a post-punk funk carnival of bongos, congas, and wood blocks. 


Two Tribes` Cosmic Picnic Vol. 1 is out now, on 7s Clash.

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