Satoshi & Makoto’s Top 10 – By Ken Hidaka

Siblings Satoshi & Makoto are Casio CZ-5000 creators second to none. They manage to coax an amazing array of sounds out of this vintage synth. Giving the music that they produce a deceptive depth and complexity. On a close listen it’s clear that they draw on a wide range of, not necessarily obvious, influences. As they mentioned in a recent interview, this is one of the reasons why the twins aren’t 100% happy about having their releases labelled / pigeon-holed as “ambient”. To help try to put the record straight, Ken Hidaka asked the pair for 5 favourite tunes each. Some of their selections might surprise you.

Tunes and text by Satoshi & Makoto. Twins quizzed by Ken Hidaka.


Speedy J  / Symmetry

Artificial Intelligence II

This track was included on the Warp Records compilation, Artificial Intelligence II. For all of the tracks included on this comp, there is a complimentary promo video – made with computer graphics, I bought the box-set. It’s such a wonderful, immersive, experience.

100Hz / Catching Spyders Remix (In This Place)

100Hz - Catching Spyders Remix (In This Place)

I think this is called “bleep house”, music that was popular in the early 1990s, but this track that never gets old for me. The coolness never fades away. I still listen to it often.

Pink Elln & Atom Heart / Electronique Live [Casino, Montreux 07/06/92]

Pink Elln & Atom Heart - Electronique Live [Casino, Montreux 07:06:92]

This is an epic live recording that exceeds 20 minutes, and really “takes you away”  – using only an analogue synth arpeggiator and a TR-808. It also documents a shocking experience,  – ending with the arrival of the police at the venue.

Katsu Hoshi / Urusei Yatsura Movie 2 “Beautiful Dreamer” Main Theme Motif : Ease

Katsu Hoshi - Urusei Yatsura Movie 2

This soundtrack is at the root of my general interest in music. It’s  such a masterpiece, that I’ve no idea why it still hasn’t been remastered and reissued in its complete form – including the unreleased recordings used in the film.

Oneohtrix Point Never / Memory Vague

Oneohtrix Point Never : Memory Vague

I was listening to Oneohtrix Point Never, thinking that it was a type of modern ambient music. During the late 2000s, I transfered this album, and Himitsu Hakase / Dr. Secret’s CM no Kakudo series – from  DVD – to my iPod and listened to them all the time.


Aphex Twin / Cliffs

Aphex Twin : Cliffs

From the album, Selected Ambient Works II, this is an early masterpiece by Richard.D. James. This particular piece made me marvel at the freedom of techno, and made me realize that there are some amazingly talented people in the world.

Suzukiski / Build (Extitute Mix) 

Build (Extitute Mix)

I was shocked when I first heard this track – shocked by how bold, and yet subtle, the rearrangement of the original track was.  He turned it into a totally different track.

João Gilberto / Lígia 

João Gilberto : Lígia

I like Brazilian music very much, and am influenced by the classic samba of Jobin and João Gilberto. I was lucky enough to be able to go see perform on stage during their visit to Japan.

Ryuichi Sakamoto / Paradise Lost 

Ryuichi Sakamoto : Paradise Lost 

I think Professor Sakamoto has had the greatest influence on me  – from his YMO days to all through his solo career. This song from the album, Ongaku Zukan, has a great warmth. It helped me to see the enormous potential of electronic music.

Okihide / Hoo Poe


In the 1990s, many genius techno artists appeared – sort of simultaneously – all over the world. One of my favourites, though, was Okihide. He has such taste, and there’s an overwhelming degree of perfection in his music. This song, the last track on his solo album, is a superb piece that makes you wish that your fleeting and faint dream would last forever.

You can catch a rare live performance from Satoshi & Makoto at Zim Zam Zu!, at Bar Bonobo, on November 5th. Resident DJs, Ken Hidaka and Max Essa, will be your hosts, and the evening will also feature a guest set from Nagoya’s YoshimRIOT. Acclaimed artist, Yamasaki Mami takes over Bonobo’s gallery space with an exhibition of her water colour and acrylic works. I think Yamasaki-san will also be painting live. The lovely Dani will be up on the rooftop, serving the spicy food. 

Zim Zam Zu nov2022Vers2FINALFINAL copy

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