Matter Of Fact / Pressing Plant 

I wanted this to be my last post of the month. It seemed like a good way to sign off. With something positive. I spotted a tiny news item in the September issue of Electronic Sound, and thought that it might be of interest to a few folks who visit Ban Ban Ton Ton. I know a lot of you run small labels, and I’ve got a feel for how difficult it’s been for the last three years. 

Matter Of Fact is a new pressing plant, based in Güstrow, in northern Germany. Founded by techno DJ / producer, Andre Kronert, they are committed to working with independent imprints. They have a 30, 000 record / month capacity, and a big part of their business model is about focusing on small runs.

Taking a quick look at their site, it’s clear that they really care about artwork – the creation of proper “artifacts” – and they are also concerned about the environment, climate, and sustainability. They use recycled materials for their sleeves, and a percentage of their profits go to the Plant-For-The-Planet Trillion Trees project. 

I have no idea about Matter Of Fact’s prices, but if you’ve been stuck in a queue for anything up to 12, 16 (?) months, with your time-lines continually being bounced, it’s got be worth dropping them a line to find out. 

Matter Of Fact Image

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