Edrix Puzzle / Coming Of The Moon Dogs / On The Corner 

In the parallel universe created by drummer Nathan “Tugg” Curran, Planet Battagon is the orb at the centre of a Dune-like imperial dynasty, while Edrix is a moon, a satellite, travelling, spinning in an uncharted galaxy, at an unchecked velocity. Its trajectory taking Herbie Hancock’s Sextant as a starting point. Its flight, more often than not, furious. Crazy with crashing, colliding beats, like some avant / art free-jazz / hip hop collage. The swinging syncopation smothered in electronic squiggles, squelching reggae soundclash sound-effects. Laced with laser beams, and accompanied by low honking reeds. Switching between spiraling circular breathing, and tautly tongued blasts. 

A jazz violin sings, is scratched and scraped, building a tension of strings. Cool contrabass counters tumbling percussion. Military snares mix with temple gongs. Sirens wail over tight trap drumming. The rowdy rumble sharing something with Red Snapper’s gritty noir gangland scores. Rolling, rocking, rocketing into deep space. Abstract, and improvised, but most definitely groovy. The whole thing’s as funky as fuck. Imagine Sun Ra’s Arkestra in dub. If Bill Laswell had manhandled the masters.* 

Haunted Soldiers Of Rhea slows the pace, momentarily – head-nodding and hypnotic, a snake-charming sax casting its spell, like Big Easy bayou voodoo – while Farthest Known is ferocious. A high-speed Sci-Fi chase. Screeching, skronking, screaming, scorching, stretching, and reaching for beyond the stars. Like Shaft, not in Africa, or Acton, but with a meteor shower to out manoeuvre, and his sights set on Alpha Centauri.

Edrix Puzzle’s Coming Of The Moon Dogs will be released this Friday, on On The Corner Records.

*Why hasn’t this happened? 

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