Wrekin Havoc / Sashimi Dreamers

The Wrekin Havoc crew, of committed Midlands diggers, return with a bumper package, “Bonanza”, of obscure, edited, Euro pop. Continuing their Brexit-busting mission, to unify – not divide – nations with their grooves. Unearthing, and sharing, more breezy boppers, bright with faux brass, some baring an added acidic undertow. The collection chokka with chunky, chugging, cosmic disco, and pumping italo. Tropical tones, playing tag with tumbling timbales, and copious clipped, jazzy, rhythm guitar. Voice-boxed rock rubs shoulders with bionic electro-boogie. Spanish raps vie with samples, snippets of Madonna, Bambaataa, and James Brown. Moody mid-tempo mechanical movers shimmy alongside smoldering slo-mo soft porn scores. There’s a little cool cod skanking, and a super squelchy, epic, electronic, robotic riff on Carly Simon’s Why – whose lyrics wish for “No more wicked people”, and preach, spread, “One love.”


Wrekin Havoc’s 11-song-strong Sashimi Dreamers set can be purchased on Bandcamp. 

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