FLASHBAXX’s Favourites – By The Insider

Daniel Stenger, aka FLASHBAXX released his Take Care My Friend E.P. this week, on NuNorthern Soul. It’s a mini-LP really, since it contains six tracks. The music is Fender Rhodes fueled jazz. The accomplished mellow funk multi-instrument arrangements – of contrabass, synths, wah-wah licks, and acoustic strum – bare shades of Kool & The Gang’s Summer Madness, and echoes of Roy Ayers’ `70s Ubiquity project. The title track’s dream-like drift seems tailor-made for the label’s current sunset soundtrack aesthetic. Guest slots from vocalists Kathrin Kempf and Chris Pookah, by turns, result in blues-y pop, and some soft yacht-rocking. During a cracking interview with Daniel, The Insider also hit him for a few all-time favourites, a top ten, plus one. 

Selections and words by Flashbaxx. Quizzing carried out by our favourite four-to-the-floor expert, The Insider.

Cortex – Troupeau Bleu

Cortex - Troupeau Bleu

I discovered these french cats pretty late and I was like: “OK, either this was released last week or 30 years ago.” In my opinion, Cortex invented the future in the `70s, and anticipated what would later become elements of NuJazz, Downbeat, Hip Hop, Drum’nBass, Broken Beat and Acid Jazz. I think you’ll recognise many aspects of their music in this playlist.

Nuyorican Soul – I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (4hero Remix)

Nuyorican Soul - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun (4hero Remix)

In my opinion, perhaps the best remix ever made and still my personal benchmark when it comes to remixing. I asked Marc Mac for a remix of Brooklyn Love Boat. Unfortunately I didn’t get an answer.

Air – Le Femme d’Argent

air moon safari

Moon Safari was truly a game changer for me because it was electronic music but sounded like it was made by a band. I think the warmth and instruments on this record had the most impact on my own music.

A Forest Mighty Black – Rebirth

A Forest Mighty Black - Rebirth

I heard this, the first time, on the DJ Kicks mixed by Thievery Corporation, and was instantly hooked. It’s just the perfect loop and I still play it today. However, I only found out very late that Rainer Trüby was also part of the project. Embarrassing for me.

St. Germain – Sure Thing

St. Germain - Sure Thing

Actually, I wanted just this one jazz house song, but my record shop only had the whole album – Tourist – which has became one of my favourite albums of all time. A masterpiece of simple loops and improvisations.

Deyampert feat. Clover From Amraah B – Held Him First

Deyampert – Held Him First

The whole record is breathtaking, and very diverse. Held Him First was produced by Jazzanova, as far as I remember, as you can hear from the arrangement and lovingly detailed drum programming. 

Jazzanova feat. Clara Hill – No Use

Jazzanova feat. Clara Hill - No Use

It’s hard to pick my fav from the legendary DJ & producer team Jazzanova. Their brilliant remix work, especially, has influenced me a lot. If I had to choose one of her original works, it would be this one. The guys simply know how to create electronic music, organically and musically sophisticated. 

Child Song – The Cinematic Orchestra


When it comes to sophisticated music that sounds simple, The Cinematic Orchestra is just around the corner. Ma Fleur is a modern classic. Their mix of jazz and electronica has taught me that the beat can also be odd sometimes.

Quantic feat. Alice Russel – Sound of Everything

Alice Russel - Sound of Everything

I’ve never been able to do a proper dance track, but if I could I’d love if it would sound like the music of Will Holland aka Quantic. I love his musical range of jazz, and funk, mixed with house and downtempo. I think his records were also the reason to play more instruments myself.

Badbadnotgood feat. Charlotte Day Wilson – In Your Eyes

Badbadnotgood - In Your Eyes

Simply one of my absolute evergreens. Charlotte Day Wilson’s singing defies description.

International Pony – International Pony Theme

International Pony - International Pony Theme

Nothing can go wrong when DJ Koze and Erobique team up. I loved their mix of funk and house on their debut We love Music. I`ve seen them live twice and it was always outstanding. 

Flashbaxx`s Take Care My Friend is out now, on NuNorthern Soul.


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