Clair / Body Blossom Revelations / Hot Gem 

Following last year’s long-player, Earth MothersGlaswegian silversmith Clair Crawford continues to her musical syntheses, and, with the assistance of a few likeminded friends, hammers and anneals into shape a sextet of mercurial sound designs. Extending the track, Body Blossom, originally released in July, and re-imagining it with a few remixes, or, rather, Revelations. 

A swirl of synths, chimes and field recordings – a little like IKSRE’s mediation ceremonies, but in miniature – Clair’s new reading gives each element more room to breath. Spacing out the soothing sequences, and soaring strings, their arc a beautiful ache, and pushing her whispered voice to the fore. Fashioning an even gentler float. 

Edinburgh-based pianist, Euan Dalgarno, focuses on the strings, synthesizing something sweetly symphonic, a post-classical piece that wouldn’t be out of place on 130701. His keys, and a bowed cello, synergising with the chatter of wildlife, high summer’s garden song. 

Preston’s Polypores, aka Stephen James Buckley, a luminary of respected labels such as Polytechnic Youth and Castles In Space, produces two radical takes. His Streatime Dreamtime Mix begins by gating everything. Glimpses of ghostly, ethereal vocal woven within digital gurgles and growls, a glissando of glitched instrumentation. Each note suspended in sustain. Stephen’s Slow Gnosis interpretation, then, builds a busy, bee-like buzzing from oboe-esque oscillations and fizzing, pump organ tones. Muting, multi-tracking, Clair into a distant choir. 

Finally, Londoner Paul Cousins creates an incredible collage, painstakingly crafted on a reel-to-reel and 1/4″ tape. Layering a labyrinth of overlapping loops, which whir and click like woozy clockwork, and cast an oddly organic – micro dosed, maybe? – magical mycelial, woodland spell. 

Clair’s  Body Blossom Revelations will be released on December 2nd, care of Hot Gem.

Clair also hosts a cool show on CampFR, called The Sonic Book Club – where she invites guests to read their own writing, which Clair blends with neo-classical, ambient, abstract, and field recordings. Contributors so far have included Joe Muggs, Harold Heath, Harry Sword, Luke Turner, and Zoe Venditozzi. You can find the shows archived here. 

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