Seahawks / Infinite Echo / Cascine

Those salty old Seahawks collaborate with cool New York / London imprint, Cascine, for a vinyl edition of their latest long-player, Infinite Echo. Brilliantly blurring the boundary between meditation tape and sophisticated soft rock, the set sounds like a full band’s worth of players, plus the odd singer, have been put through the duo’s blissed-out blender. There are snatches of soloing saxophone, orchestral strings, and teasing touches of tropical marimba. Percussion rolls in tumbling tides. Some tracks feature the slightly more forceful flow of a fretless bass undertow, while Galaxy Time sorta sambas to large dub-wise low-end. Gentle drum machine tocks and ticks are partnered with lush, laidback, slow-hand 6-string licks, and those voices are either subliminal splashes, or ethereal, half-remembered, heavenly, West Coast harmonies. Everything is woven, wonderfully, into a trademark tapestry of treated instrumentation, with glimpses of the original riffs moving, mirage-like, in and out the mix. The buzzing, fizzing, Jon Hassell-esque heat haze occasionally, on Spirits Guide Us, for example, interrupted by harp-like glissando and flute. 

Jon Tye and Pete Fowler, together, take the musical torch from `80s and `90s Innovative Communication artists, such as Software and Dancing Fantasy, and if not run, well, float with it. Transporting you through rainforests, and jungles, full of wildlife whooping, to unspoiled beaches, where you’re gliding with gulls on synthesized swells, until you find yourself far out in middle of a mind’s eye ocean, surrounded by blue, both below and above. Their calming kosmische arpeggios, bucolic Buchla bubbling, dissolving, deliciously, into crashing surf.

 Seahawks’ Infinite Echo is out now, on Cascine. 

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