Marina Trench’s French Balearic Favourites – By The Insider

Our Parisian pal, Marina Trench, has a new set of songs out today, on her own imprint, Sweet State. The E.P., titled Impermeable En Ete, contains a trio of tracks. Ose is groovy Gaelic house, with cut-up scatted vocals, sliced and diced by soulful Philly strings. L`orage is a pumping, but light-hearted and playful, piano piece – Detroit-leaning, in the direction of Terence Parker and Underground Resistance`s more garage moments, while also mixing in elements from Italy’s `90s 4 / 4 heyday. The delicious downtempo number, Hirondelle, a sultry shot of R&B, with slapped bass sounds, shimmies somewhere between classic street soul and Art Of Noise. Our heads were turned by all three tunes, but our ears were pricked by this last one in particular – prompting The Insider to ask Marina to put the house on hold, just for a minute, and tell us, instead, about a few of her French “Balearic” favourites. 

Idea instigated by The Insider. Words and selections by Marina Trench. 

Veronique Sanson – Bahia

Veronique Sanson – Bahia

Veronique Sanson comes from the French pop scene of the 1970s. Folks such as France Gall, Michel Berger or Francoise Hardy, they are very famous in our culture. There are few elements in this song – its almost like a piano-vocal – and Veronique’s voice lulls us with the lyrics which are so romantic and sweet.

Eliane Radigue – L’Île Ré Sonante 

Eliane Radigue - L'Île Ré Sonante 

Eliane Radigue has been a French pioneer of acoustic electronique music since the 1960s. She`s a fascinating artist with an immersive approach. She composes her music via modular synths and sound design called “sons continus” or “drones”.

Chassol – Little Krishna & The Girls 

Chassol - Little Krishna & The Girls 

A totally complete artist and talented musician, for me Chassol is so unique in his style. He composes from a concept that he calls “harmonisation of reality”.

Enzo Carniel & Filippo Vignato – Carla

Enzo Carniel & Filippo Vignato – Carla

I love this track deeply! It tells a story with the structure of the song, that I love to dive into. Enzo is such a brilliant pianist. He also played the synth solo on my last track Ose.

Penelope Antena – Story Of Us 

Down the habit hole

This song is from Penelope Antena`s excellent E.P., Down The Habit Hole, and this one is my favorite tracks! I’ve listened to it so often since I discovered it in 2019. I love so much the whole music of Penelope, she is a very inspiring artist with a hybrid style, with many influences that I love.

Mylène Farmer – Sans Logique

Mylène Farmer - Sans logiQUE

This one is like a guilty pleasure but it`s so timeless.

Flore – Aether

Flore – Aether

This track is so interesting because there`s so much going on in it – the orchestral parts, the sound effects, the voices and the different sound planes. It’s very organic and deep. Flore is a very brilliant and important female producer for me.

Uele Lamore – Lucie, I Love You – Waves – Hades

Uele Lamore - Lucie

Uele Lamore is a brilliant musician, artist and composer From France. She composes music for movies, and she is also a conductor. I’m always impressed by her wonderful work and her talent!

Marina Trench`s Impermeable En Ete E.P. is out now, on Sweet State.


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