Love On The Dancefloor / 10(+1) Top Tunes From More Amour – By The Insider 

Arthur “Artwork” Smith and John “Solo” Cohen have just launched a new musical venture More Amour, and label, Hi Quality Records Inc. Their debut 12 is a totally modern mix of disco and house, which features Arthur’s world-beating production and some crazy keyboard solos from John. Here, the two divulge to The Insider top tracks from their DJ sets, designed to make the dance-floor fall in love. 

List lovingly compiled by More Amour, Artwork & Jon Cohen, for The Insider.

More Amour art

Fat Larry’s Band – Lookin’ For Love (Special 12” Disco Mix) 

Fat Larry’s Band - Lookin’ For Love

Seeing as these are essentials, you may have heard a lot of them before – like this one – but they are tracks that we rarely leave out of the box. 

Belle Farms Estates – Puddin

Belle Farms Estates - Puddin

This is just an amazing record, that we challenge you not to dance to. The solos on this track were very inspirational to us for our More Amour vibe. 

Cerrone – Experience 

Cerrone - Experience 

I mean ….. it’s Cerrone… it’s dubby, it’s perfect.. what else could you want?

Sounds Of Inner City – Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

Sounds Of Inner City - Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

A song about a New York news reader, and a killer groove. A masterclass in using very few bass notes to devastating effect.  

Lime – I’ll Be Yours 

Lime - I’ll Be Yours 

Got to have a bit of Lime Juice in there. If you need a little dance-floor wake up. It’s always with a twist of Lime. 

Loredana Bertè – In Alto Mare 

Loredana Bertè - In Alto Mare 

I mean, as with most Italo tracks, we have absolutely no idea what she’s singing about. But just guessing, it’s a passionate love song, or telling someone they are getting plates thrown at them when they get home. 

Imagination – Changes (Larry Levan Remix) (Night Dubbing)

Imagination - Changes (Larry Levan Remix)

Jon Solo toured with Imagination and has played this track live a lot. So it’s always nice to have him show off how much he knows it when we play. 

Roger Troutman – Chunk of Sugar

Roger Troutman - Chunk of Sugar

Just pure joy. That’s it…. It’s smiles all round -guaranteed  – whenever we play it. 

D Train – Keep On (12 inch version) 

D train - Keep On

One of those ones to pull out late for a little power up. It comes with full instructions from James Williams. 

Yvonne Elliman – Love Pains 

Yvonne Elliman - Love Pains 

It’s a big one, full bodied emotional heart string puller. Just perfect. 

Patti Austin – Soar Me Like An Eagle Flies 

Patti Austin - Soar Me Like An Eagle Flies 

Does exactly what it says on the tin.  Strap your wings on we are taking to the skies!

More Amour’s Nightshift is out now, on High Quality Records Inc. You can order a copy from Juno.

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