Mix / George T / On The Way To Kings Cross…

George Thomson has just released a dynamite digidub single, Roll On, Kings Cross, on Edinburgh`s Hobbes Music. A bit of curveball, compared to his back catalogue, George not only very kindly talked us through the tracks that brought him here musically, but also segued them together in a marvelous mix. 

Words, selections, and mix, by George T. 

One way or another, these sounds helped me get to Kings Cross…

Scott Walker – Hero Of The War

Scott Walker - Hero Of The War

An uplifting sound, a tragic story – that weird and wonderful place. Scott`s narrative open to multiple interpretations. How better to start.

Vanishing Twin – Truth Is Boring (Blue Soul Edit)

Bassist Susumu Mukai (aka Zongamin) I know through Jeanga, but I’ve only recently checked Vanishing Twin, one of the bands that he’s in. I’m so impressed. Her voice, those drums and that bass player. This version is a killer too. A bootie freebie – yes Bandcampers! – from Blue Soul.

Vanishing Twin - Truth Is Boring (Blue Soul Edit)

Party Nails – Don’t Be So Serious

This is Raf, Joe Goddard`s other half in The 2 Bears. I love The Slits and this, aside from the originals, is the best use of their music ever. That minimal space with bleeps, beats and that sly line delivered again and again. Never ever leaves the crate


Party Nails

Joseph Malik – Just To Be Free (George T Remix)

Joseph Malik - Just To Be Free

This was my first stab at production after returning to Scotland. Joseph is a dear friend that I’ve known since the early `90s. His voice is divine, and when he asked me to remix a track from his LP I jumped at the chance.I put that voice in a different space. I’m really happy with it.

Son of Sound – Your Voodoo’s Broken

Son of Sound - Your Voodoo’s Broken

I know not too much about this, other than it`s weird, bouncy swagger, and how much I dig it. From the Razor N Tape label.

Moiré – STFN

Moiré - STFN

Ah Moiré. I could have played anything by him. A truly unique sound. If you don’t know his work then go, explore, listen more.

The Maghreban – Elka

The Maghreban - Elka

I could pretty much say the same thing about The Maghreban. Unique, diverse. I love his hip hop texture in a techno track, or house in an almost exotica new wave soundscape like Elka. Magic.

Kornél Kovács – Josey’s Tune

Kornél Kovács - Josey's Tune

It’s the rhythm, the rhythm, the rhythm. I enjoy his early work, in particular this classic. Don’t fear the classic, just don’t binge.

Aircooled – Hyperproduktiv (George T Remix)

Aircooled - Hyperproduktiv (George T Remix)

The St. Leonards act currently making waves. I’ve known vocalist Riz Maslen – Neotropic, etc. -since Shoreditch days. She’s often described as one of the most prominent women composers working in post-techno experimental electronics. No doubt. She’s also one of the most unique and stunning vocalists around today. Again, when offered the chance to work with her voice, I leapt. Not even mastered yet, this is a super duper exclusive just for you.

George T – Roll On, Kings Cross

George T Art 1

Well of course. Everything so far and after shares DNA with this.

Decius – Come To Me Villa


Consisting of Fat White Family`s vocalist Lias Saoudi, my cherished collaborator Quinn Whalley (Paranoid London), and brothers Luke and Liam May (Medicine8, Trashmouth). I am positively addicted to their sound. I’ve used this word a lot today but again, truly unique. Like the Ramones or Charlie Feathers trapped in an 808. Bliss. 

Cosmo Vitelli – How Is It To Be You? (Ft. Truus de Groot)

Cosmo Vitelli - How Is It To Be You?

I love Cosmo Vitelli but when I heard he was working with Dutch new wave vocalist Truus I was sweating in anticipation. I was not disappointed. So cool, so dutch, so on this mix.

Maximum Joy – Silent Street / Silent Dub

Maximum Joy - Silent Street

That sound drifting from my school pal Andy`s sister`s bedroom in the early `80s. When acid jazz, funk, punk and dub reggae collided. Such an intoxicating time of musical hybrids. If you like this also check Antena. Similarly overlooked early `80s new wave bossa nova.

George T & Johnny Aux – Amsterdam

George T Johnny Aux AMSTERDAM

Words written the night of the Brexit result. I`m still gutted by this tragic act of insanity, however, I did like the words. Words that could be about anything. I have family in Amsterdam, and was clearly channelling that hopeless yearning. Two years later Quinn and I are using this old Bontempi organ with his 101 and voila! Everything fits!! The words escaped. 

George T’s Roll On, Kings Cross is out now, on Hobbes Music. 

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