Alan Gubby / The Delaware Road / Buried Treasure

The Delaware Road is the result of 16 years of research carried out, to date, by electronic music producer, Alan Gubby. A work, in Alan`s own words, of “metafiction”, it ties together multiple esoteric topics, weaving Wiccan magick around a claustrophobic and paranoid Cold War Britain. 

Delaware Road tvscreens1 copy

Alan`s primary passion is British Electronica, and the pioneering productions of the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop. However, the narrative also introduces elements of the occult. Dropping names such as Dennis Wheatley, Dion Fortune, and Austin Osman Spare, while exploring music’s use in propaganda – the harnessing of frequencies for healing, or as weapons, and for revolution. Its story concerning rival forces who combine old rites with new technology in a covert battle for the soul of Albion. 

Delaware Road chapter1cover copy

The text time travels from the Second World War to the swinging, psychedelic `60s, and finally the present day. Featuring a long list of characters, all loosely based on real life counterparts, the script’s central protagonists are modeled after electronic musicians John Baker and Delia Derbyshire. Amazing illustrations, by a cast of celebrated artists and graphic designers accompany the tale. Personally, I can’t get enough of Julian House and Luke Insect’s stuff. 

Delaware Road lukeinsectPOSTER copy

The overall tone pays tribute to Hauntology / Folk-Horror touchstones like The Avengers, Dr. Who, Quatermass, The Tomorrow People, and The Wicker Man, and the package will definitely appeal to fans of the magus that is Alan Moore, and Grant Morrison’s The Invisibles. 

Delaware Road Chapter4_doublepage copy

To a certain extent, The Delaware Road serves as a primer for the subjects it covers. Each chapter concludes with an appendix of references, and these inventories of further reading alone are priceless. 

“Weakening our connection to the past strengthens their hold on the future”

is definitely my favourite line. I’ve been thinking about this for some time, since our current narratives are being constantly re-written, to the point where it`s impossible to know which way is up. 

Delaware Road JohnBaker+DeliaLPs copy

It was the discovery of a box of John Baker’s reel-to-reel recordings that led to The Delaware Road. In the process of curating this archive for a release on Trunk Records, Alan Gubby began a journey, the first fruits of which were a film script, then a compilation album of aurally-aligned  contemporary acts. A stage show followed, and a 5-volume fanzine. There was a live event held in a nuclear bunker, and finally a festival that commandeered a military base on Salisbury Plain. 

Delaware Road Salisbury Plain Poster

Each of these adventures is catalogued and collected in the new omnibus edition of Alan’s book. You can purchase a copy directly from Buried Treasure. 

Delaware Road DELmockup1 copy

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