2022 / A Few Favourites / Phoebe Dubar / IKSRE

In 2022, a big new musical find for me was Phoebe Dubar aka IKSRE – short for I Keep Seeing Rainbows Everywhere. Her ambient opus, Awake Within The Dream, was something that I got lost in – especially the live, 42-minute improvisation which occupies the whole second side of the cassette. Lost, and,  by its close, found in a decidedly calmer, clearer, more peaceful state of mind. Doing a bit of digging, in order to write a review, I discovered Phoebe’s meditation workshops / sound bathes, and that this immersive wonder certainly wasn’t a one-off. Keen to learn more I dropped Phoebe a line, and for starters here are  few of Phoebe’s own listening favorites from 2022. 

Super selections and wonderful words by Phoebe Dubar aka IKSRE.

IKRSE Awake Within A Dream

Marine Eyes – Chamomile

A truly sublime album from one of my favourite artists, and a dear friend, this album is a sunshine bliss bomb from start to finish, and it soundtracked weekend mornings in my house in 2022. 

Marine Eyes chamomile

Deep Learning – Evergreen

If Chamomile soundtracked my mornings, this was my afternoon music. It somehow sits in this unique place between ambient and electronica – there’s moments of deep introspection juxtaposed with songs that you can almost dance to. This was on constant rotation this year.

Deep Learning - Evergreen

Anthene – Frayed

When I heard the first single from this, I knew that the whole album would be stunning, and it was. Every tune is deep, complex and heartfelt. Just like the person behind it, Brad Deschamps. Frayed was my other go-to weekend morning album this year.

Anthene frayed

Healing Together: A Compilation for Mental Health Recovery

I debated whether I should include this, given that I contributed a track, but to hell with it. I listened to this nonstop in 2022. Every single tune is just pure magic, and despite being from different, female artists, Cynthia track-listed it so beautifully that it flows effortlessly, as if it were the work of a single sound designer. Absolutely magical. I was honoured to be a part of it.

Healing Together- A Compilation for Mental Health Recovery

Confidence Man – TILT

So yeah, I listen to music other than ambient… and I love `90s house. This is one big, fun throwback from start to finish, and my go to for when I wanted to dance like an idiot… plus they’re bonkers good live. If they come to your town, buy tickets for you and all your friends.

Confidence man - TILT

Nu Genea – Bar Mediterraneo

A late addition to the list, but a fast favourite. I saw these guys play at the Meredith Music Festival in December and their summery Italo-disco vibes have been filling my afternoons ever since.

nu genea bar-mediterraneo

Kendrick Lamar – Mr Morale & the Big Steppers

eckhart tolle kendrick lamar

I didn’t think he could top ‘To Pimp a Butterfly’, one of my favourite albums of this last decade, but dang, this comes close. The first time I heard it, I gathered my thoughts, then restarted it immediately, so that I could digest it again. It’s just so epic in every way. Bonus points for including Eckhardt Tolle as a guest. I never saw that one coming.

Nils Frahm – Music for Animals

One of my top artists of all time, Nils is an absolute genius of modern music. Comprising long form tracks, adding up to three hours, this album goes deeper and further than any of his previous works. As far as I’m concerned, he can do no wrong – unless he brought out an album of Country duets. Lol. 

Nils Frahm - Music for Animals

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