2022 / A Few Favourites / The Maghreban / Zoot Records

The Maghreban, aka Ayman Rostom, together with UK soul legend, Omar Lye-Fook, produced one of 2022`s discerning dance-floor hits. The retro-flavoured Waiting tipped its hat to the sound of British house pioneers like Bang The Party and Mustafa “L.E. Bass” Ali, while its lyrics called for an end of being pushed around by the powers that be. The track, lifted from his album, an eclectic collection of bass, beats, dub, electro, jazz, house, and techno, called Connection.

Ayman has a new single due any minute, called M25, featuring veteran MC King Kashmere. However, you’ll hear more about that in a bit. For now here are a few of the mighty Maghreban’s favourites from the last 12 months. 

Super selections by The Maghreban.

The Maghreban Waiting

Mosca / You Smell that, Marsha?

Mosca : You Smell that Marsha

Quaid / irememberufromtomorrow

Quaid - irememberufromtomorrow

Alpine Sound / All Bases

Alpine Sound - All Bases

Kliptown / Maakul

Kliptown : Maakul

Moroka / No Time To Chat

Moroka - No Time

Dayzero / Ten

Dayzero - Ten

Mafou / Nomad

Mafou - Nomad

Cameo Blush / Silkworm

Cameo Blush - Silkworm

Brassfoot / Our Business

Brassfoot - Our Business

General Ludd / Indrik

General Ludd : Indrik

Zoot Records

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