Gina Été & Tillmann Ostendarp / Le Bouquet / Phantom Island

The Swiss duo of Gina Été and Tillmann Ostendarp (aka DJ Real Madrid) have signed four, short but sweet, originals to Zurich’s Balearic outpost, Phantom Island. Recorded at Musigbüro, the studio attached to Skicub Toggenburg, the songs are all super stripped back. Le Bouquet, for example, sets Gina’s breathless vocals to just a gentle pitter patter of processed hand percussion. The results like a much, much more minimal Sandra Nkaké or Domenique Dumont. Tetra has its tiny cowbell tintinnabulations taken up to an almost techno tempo, while the accompanying electronics are maintained at low grumble and growl. Nonchalant rides grainy, lo-fi, rhythmic loops. Sombre synthetic swells suggesting dark cloudy weather, broken by Gina’s angelic exclamations. 

The pieces, to me, seem strongly rooted in performance, and throughout the E.P. Gina’s poetry switches between French and English. Label regulars Fuga Ronto, who never put a foot wrong, rock up with remix of the title track, aimed at discerning dance-floors. It’s a sexy mid-tempo strut, extended by backwards spinning sections, with Yé-yé handclaps straight out of Marie Et Les Garçons classic, Re Bop. Echoed dubwise rimshots driving the marvelous synth-pop makeover. 

Gina Été & Tillmann Ostendarp`s Le Bouquet E.P. can be ordered directly from Phantom Island.

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