Blank Gloss / Cornered / Kompakt

Blank Gloss’ third album, a second for celebrated Cologne-based label, Kompakt, consists of 9 improvisations, recorded in just 2 days. Taking its cues from, Coiling, their contribution to the imprint’s Pop Ambient 2022 compilation, – for me, that collection’s standout – the California duo create soundscapes strongly reminiscent of classic Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd. The tracks taking it in turns to push Morgan Fox’s poignant, pensive, piano and Patrick Hills’ guitar to the fore. The latter, plucked and picked, like a rock and roll riff slowed way, way down. Its tremolo-ed twang rinsed with heavy, heavy, reverb, and melody maintained in wave after wave of delay. Man, I`m a real sucker for that Robin Guthrie sound. 

These 6-string vibrations, elegant echoes in a shallow bay, making music perfect for contemplation at either end of the day. Both morning’s optimism, and nightfall’s reflection. The cool chimes’ ringing intricately overlapping with Morgan’s delicate, sometimes subtly treated keys in icy, “ambient Americana” atmospheres. Graceful glacial glides. Long sustained notes are stretched into something symphonic, which resonate deep inside the LP’s introspective centrepiece, the 11-minute No Appetite.  

Blank Gloss Cornered Edit

Blank Gloss’ Cornered is released today, care of Kompakt.

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