Woolfy / Aeroplane / Ritual Release

A trio of tropical tracks are the next musical treat from cool California-based dude, Woolfy. 

Each & Every sings of searching for a lost friend and is gentle Caribbean-flavoured folk. The “indie-in-Africa” vibe kinda like Sleepy Doug Shaw’s group, Highlife. Coconut is a live bass-led serenade to the titular palm drupe. A dose of disco-not-disco, complete with “Go Bang!” brass and carnival whistles, that’s sung with such affection that I’m wondering if it’s perhaps a pet-name, like “Pumpkin”. Both of these beauties are brilliant, but Aeroplane is amazing. Set to a sorta soca groove, it rivals Sinkane’s seminal Jeeper Creeper, or Jack Peñate’s terrific Tonight’s Today, as a proper piece of buoyant bouncing afro-influenced dance-floor pop. Featuring group choruses, and packed with party noise, it sounds like it was recorded with a room full of mates, while the lyrics are concerned with love, and living in the moment:

“Let’s get filthy rich, and spend it all.”

A Dub Dub Mix leans toward the Latin. Percussion rattling, and the b-line a Cuban rhumba. Delay playing havoc with the horns. The more I listen, man, the more I like it. 

There are remixes aplenty, and first up are Switzerland’s Fuga Ronto. Inhabitants of Zurich’s fantastic Phantom Island. The duo turn in a house-tempo`d skank. A super sophisticated production, which, since Surrey-born ex-pat Woolfy has never quite shaken the South London from his accent, has something of the Chaz Jankels, Ian Durys, To Woo Lady Kong, and Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3, about it. 

Chris Coco’s excellent extended epic focuses on the excited, celebratory shouts, whoops, and the song’s words of encouragement. Then Eddie C takes the BPMs up even further. Cowbell, congas and bongos racing, snares and cymbals crashing, while a marimba takes centre stage. With its bottom-end, rumbling at a lower, acidic, pH, and a wicked wonky synth line, the addition of a great guitar solo makes it part Wally Badarou creating classics at Compass Point, and part Paris Angels’ Perfume.

Woolfy Aeroplane

Woolfy’s Aeroplane can be ordered directly from Ritual Release.

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