Woodleigh Research Facility / Apparently Solo Volume 1

It was Andrew Weatherall who coined the term “Frightful Oompty Boompty Music”, to describe his more uptempo frugging fare. To celebrate what would have been the hugely influential DJ’s 60th birthday, his long-standing studio partner, Nina Walsh, as The Woodleigh Research Facility, has released 3 prime, archival examples of this big room banging gear. 

For starters, SCHALP, is a pumping piece, powered by punishing snares. Gated and stuttered effects, drawn from Erick Legrand’s guitar, riding its galloping groove. The tune touches on trance, and Detroit machine music relics, plus there are manic acid moments that are a ringer for cult Chicago classics, such as James “Jack Rabbit” Martin’s Only Wanted To Be. 

Crack-Ed is a display of dynamic drum programming. A deep dance-floor dive, showered with effervescent cymbal explosions, and washed with aquatic echo. Swimming in what sounds like snatches of whale and dolphin song. Its massive b-line is more of an overt acid house homage, and the mix like a meeting of Motor City Drum Ensemble’s mega remix of DJ Sprinkles’ Grand Central Part 1 and Damon Wild & Tim Taylor’s Free Flight.

Finally, Mistress Ploppy, an affectionate nod to a nickname for Nina, borrowed from Black Adder, subjects its rocking rhythm to a series of spinbacks as its funky circuitry experiences a conniption fit. Dodgy contacts buzzing and flashing. Rattling as it rushes down its techno express tracks. 


Woodleigh Research Facility’s Apparently Solo Volume 1 can be purchased directly from Bandcamp. 50% of all profits will go to Shelter, one of Mr. Weatherall’s favourite charities. 

Woodleigh Research Facility

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