Prime Direct’s Proper Pukka Record Store Day Reissues

The first Record Store Day of the year rears its head, and the best list that I’ve seen so far comes care of Prime Direct. In the past, the discerning distribution company could always be relied upon to legit repress some very desirable funk, jazz, and soul, and 2023 appears to be no different. They’ve dusted off a total of 24 titles (the full list is below), and quick shufty reveals an amazing selection. 

You’ve got badass boogaloo 

The Latin Blues Band / I’ll Be a Happy Man

beautiful ballads

Hyla Parker / Joe

boisterous `80s boogie

Jackie Stoudemire / Flying High

and bruised blues breaks.

Smithstonian / Mississippi Mud

Cool conscious crooners 

Harvey Scales / Trying to Survive

cut a rug next to cult takes on dance-floor classics.

The Chuck Boris Trio / Funky Nassau

The disco consists of privately-pressed dynamite

Billy Foster & Audio / I Need Your Love

and proto-house oddities / obscurities.

Bill Grace / Chances Go Round

The jazz is either fantastic frenzied fusion

Larry Bright / New Dimensions

or squelchy, plugged-in. 

The Dome City Rock Orchestra / Quiet Village

There are magical Modern movers

Tony Troutman / What’s The Use

and Northern numbers that you need, need, need!!!

TSU Toronados / Please Heart Dont Break

There’s super sinewy Southern funk 

The Gaturs / Swivel your hips

and some straight-up, simply sublime soul.

Cynthia Sheeler / I’ll cry over you

All of these should be in your local store, come Saturday. 

Prime Direct Record Store Day 2023

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