Jezebell / Trading Places

As prelude to their approaching / imminent take over of Ibiza’s legendary Pike’s Hotel, Jezebell have just released some new music. Spilt across 2 E.P.s, labelled Daytime and Nighttime Versions, Trading Places, is a collection of mid-tempo movers that mambo through a variety of moods, and which, taken sequentially, sorta soundtrack 24 hours. From dawn to dusk and back again. I presume this is how the pair predict the party at Pike’s will go.

Jezebell Pikes Flamingo

So 11AM is chunky dub, powered by Peech Boys handclaps and a brilliant bass-line. Perfect for a hair-of-the-dog, the-morning-after-the-night-before, poolside, as you wipe the sleep from your eyes. Its Afro fanfare borrowed from a much-loved classic. The familiarity in no small measure aiding your re-entry. By 3PM you’re joined by a few fellow up-for-it folks, and starting to sway and shimmy, in the sunshine, in your Speedos, to the sound of pumped pop disco. Groovy bongos, congas, frantic, rhythmic 6-string clip, and Michael Jackson-esque exclamations. 6PM, and the livener’s kicked in. Snippets of old cosmic and Balearic favourites swim around in a harder, heady mix of snares and bleeps. You try to keep your arms by your sides and resist the desire to start building-the-box / guiding-in-the-planes.  Its still a bit too early to attract too much attention to yourself. Perhaps you should have waited?


10PM and you’re in a trance. The music far darker. An ALFOS-esque mutant of EBM and new beat, showered with trippy sound effects. It’s all got on top for a minute, but don’t panic. It`ll pass. 2AM turns and everyone’s rocking to the obsidian rattling. Sirens, shouts, and more musical memories of yesteryear, mixed in and out, around an irresistible old school acid house B-line. Then, fuck me, 5AM’s here, asking, at this stage politely, “Are you gonna re-up, or let reality creep back in?” Announcing its arrival with a fierce finale of post-punk funk and poetry. The dawn greeted by killer `90s indie / dance, complete with cool New Order guitar. 


You can pre-order Jezebell’s Trading Places directly from Bandcamp. 

In conjunction with the Sunday Dub Club, Jezebell will be hosting Pike’s, in Ibiza, on May 4th. 

jezebell Pikes 4 May 2023

Jezebell Pikes

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