Chris Munoz / Island Rendezvous / Chomp! Chomp! 

Island Rendezvous is an excellent, super eclectic, mini-LP from multi-instrumentalist Chris Munoz. Some of you might know Chris better by his sometime pseudonym, The Sexican. During the late 2000s / mid 2010s he was part of New York-based dub disco boom, and an extended musical family that took in Dennis Kane, Phil South, Rub N Tug, Lovefingers, labels like Disques Sinthomme, Ghost Town, Golf Channel, and venues such as Passerby and Mangiami. 

The opening number, Selsie’s Garden, is a laidback landscape of lapping percussion, pentatonic chimes, and layered blues-y electric guitar lines. Kosmische electronics combined with strung-out, shadowy surf riffs. Meanwhile the title track, is a pumping piece of moody Euro disco. Pinpoints of plaintive piano providing some illumination in the driving dark, as it spins through spiraling arpeggios to a kinda camp Italo climax. Like a cross between Cerrone’s Supernature and a John Carpenter chase theme, the vocals half purred, half growled so that you’re not sure who’s the hunter and who’s the game. 

Big Sam boasts a marching 4 / 4, savage snares, big buzzing bass synth, and a melody that mirrors Simple Minds` epic Theme For Great Cities. Chris then tops this off with a terrific axe solo. In contrast, Sexican Discotheque creates some cool cumbia / Mexican cantina vibes – like a bawdy bordello band, seedy in slept-in suits, wheezy bandoneon and all, doing the Salsa Smurph. The closing Maria Inez (Part 1), a serene Spanish sketch, with fragile flamenco flourishes, is a tribute to Chris` late mother. Everything on offer showcases Chris` significant 6-string skills.*

Chris Munoz’ Island Rendezvous is  out now on Chomp! Chomp!

*Chris used these considerable skills when playing with both The Rapture and Map Of Africa. 

A big “Thank you!” to Dennis Kane for the heads up.

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