Mark Seven / Vibes / Parkway Records

The advance test pressings of PKWY14 went out to the core promo team a couple of weeks ago. The final vinyl is ready, distributors Rubadub have set the record’s release date for May 22nd, and pre-orders are up at Juno, so here we go…

Fashioned by label founder, Mark Seven, Vibes, as the press one-sheet, with its Go-Go Crankin` inspired artwork succinctly puts it, is “more dubbed out boogie dynamite for your dancefloor.” Mr. Seven employing his trademark trick of pitching proceedings down to around 115 BPM, so that everything becomes instantly “proto-”. The Original mix tips its hat to yesterday’s huge tunes, smashes such as Larry Levan’s remix of Dave Joseph’s You Can’t Hide Your Love, and is also a super respectful nod to the music of Mark’s friend and sometime collaborator, Boyd Jarvis. Rattling cowbell and Peech-Boys hand-claps setting about a dueling synths – one a sharp energizing fanfare, the other soft and squelchy. It’s smooth seductive vocal sample perfectly matched to the authentic early `80s electro-disco production – to the point where it could easily be a long lost classic, tailor-made for Larry`s Paradise Garage. 

Mark Seven Vibes 2

A Body mix adds twinkling twilight details, and a cool keyboard solo, to the great groovy b-line, and treats the track to generous doses of delay. Flip it over and Mark’s Sunsplash shot is extravagantly spaced-out. A hypnotic epic, in possession of more echo, more percussion, and more room for that badass bass to breath. Flashes of the vocal vie with funky organ grind. The buzz somewhere between The Jungle Wonz – assisted by assorted monkey cries and shrieks – and (very) slightly more modern gear such as, say, the dub of Pheonix’s  Plaything.

Mark Seven Vibes

Mark Seven’s Vibes is due any minute now on Parkway Records. Preorders are up at Juno.

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