Dreems Vs Scientist / Watchamachallit Machine / Pinchy & Friends

Dreems, aka Australian producer Angus Gruzman, debuts on Pinchy & Friends, bringing them an E.P. with the moniker, Watchamachallit Machine. The 3 originals all come with counterparts remixed by reggae legend Hopeton Overton “Scientist” Brown. The title track is sort of synth pop. Marching, somewhere between The Human League and Chris & Cosey, to stiff, rigid snares. Slowing the song down to around half-speed, as he does with everything here, Scientist squeezes the rhythm through filters and phasers, so that no bar, not a single second, is exactly the same. The melody made over, more melodica now than new beat or Italo. String Gadget is slightly more forceful. Its stripped back, clear, clean punchy electronics nagged by the orchestration hinted at in its name. Mr. Brown transforming the tune into a slo-mo, stop / start groove. Here Comes The New Prophet picks up the pace, and is perhaps the easiest piece to dance to. Polished and economical, neat, trim, with no excess, the hypnotic head-nodding pits hammer-on-anvil bleeps against a big buzzing main riff. In Hopeton’s hands the drum hits are splashes of sound. The bass-line much more of a deliberate skank. A post-punk vibe lending a Balearic bent. The E.P., both the OGs and dubs, is hard to categorize. It certainly isn’t house. The iconic Jamaican innovator in particular creating some mighty, cavernous mutant rave.

Dreems Vs Scientist 2

Dreems’ Watchamachallit Machine is out now on Pinchy & Friends.

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