Mark Barrott / Music For Presence / International Feel

After Cascades, Cirrus & Cumulus, and One Slow Thought, I was expecting Mark Barrott`s next release to be full of more shiny, metallic, Detroit surfaces. Instead, Music For Presence finds him name-checking German philosophers and paying Kosmische homage to the alumni of the Zodiak Free Arts Lab of late `60s West Berlin: Dieter Moebius, Hans-Joachim Roedelius, and Conrad Schnitzler. Their collaborations as Harmonia with Neu!`s Michael Rother in the village of Forst. Back in Dr Nimm`s Garden Of Intrigue And Delight. The new tracks however distinguished by Blues-y guitar and sax. Lysander adds the kind of trumpet blown by Mark Isham. Perhaps inspired by Becker Stegmann Zeumer`s Abends (I know Mark`s a fan). Emile is beatless. While Mokusho rides a rhythm box rattle. Electronics winking like stars to be wished upon. Reciting their poetry the way young lovers do. Quoting texts in whispers as if they were their own. In stolen moments and with a passion that cannot last.

Reference Links

Dieter Moebius

Hans-Joachim Roedelius

Conrad Schnitzler

Michael Rother


Dr Nimm`s Garden Of Intrigue & Delight

Mark Isham


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