Nancy Noise / Kaia / Beyond Paradise

Kaia begins as an acoustic, New Age-y lullaby dedicated to Nancy`s daughter. A mother`s worry and love. Reaching out with flourishes of Library keys, emotive strings, and Flamenco touches. Mariachi brass sketching Spain over a tight, Funk break. Leo Mas and Fabrice take the track uptempo. Creating something akin to the percussive floor-fillers of Rune Lindbaek & Oyvind Blikstad. Their rework of Coyote`s San Raphael, for example. Azizi`s Dance keeps the BPMs around 120. Pianos teasing through trip-y Eastern drones, before taking off in an arm-raising `89 fashion. The closing remix by Manpower also travels back to Balearic Beat`s late `80s boom. Fixing Kaia to a Soul II Soul shuffle. Building those horns into an introverted sunset / sunrise epic.

Best place to listen and buy right now is probably Juno and there`s a nice interview with Nancy & Beyond Paradise`s Craig Christon over at Inverted Audio.

Reference Links

San Raphael

`89 Pianos

Soul II Soul shuffle

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