Alek Lee / Sfarot / Antinote

Sfarot chugs about like a Klezmer take on Iko Iko. Full of odd, eerie chiming, and sung by a vaguely creepy children`s choir. Kinda Village Of The Damned meets Razzy`s I Hate Hate. The Dub loses the kids and swaps them for a honking sax that builds to a hookah-smoking Jazz of snakecharmer spirals. Adding a Gypsy violin that weaves its way through Crocodile and Bongo I`s shady ON-U market bizarre. A close relative of the Future Nuggets` collective`s Steaua De Mare. Out of space and out of time. Somewhere in a Psychedelic Africa. The B-line could be the work of the mighty Jah Wobble, and Harabait is even more of a dead ringer for the big man`s Invaders Of The Heart. The geezer`s tribute to Cairo`s musical descendants of Rajastahan`s Roma. Relocated to an imagined, outlaw-inhabited Lago of retribution and redemption. A slow, dark, percussive, muscular groove. Haunted by a Ghost Town trombone.

Reference Links

Iko Iko

Village Of The Damned

I Hate Hate

Some Bizarre

Steaua De Mare

The Invaders Of The Heart

Ghost Town

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