Mix / Looking For The Balearic Beat / March – April 2017

Paraphrasing the Soul Sonic Force and sorting through today`s releases for tunes that could have graced Alfie & Leo`s Amnesia dance floor. 

I returned from my brief sabbatical (a week can sometimes feel like a month) to stuffed in- and mail boxes, for which I have to say “Thank you” to all those generous folks. Some of these releases are already in shops. The remainder should be out in the next couple of weeks. 

Alek Lee`s Sfarot Dub juggles Middle Eastern influences like Antinote`s answer to The Invaders Of The Heart. Huw Bennett teams up with the Suso family of West Gambian Mandinka Griots for balaphon jams as Susso on Soundway (the LP, Keira, came out last year but copies have only just arrived in Japan). Denis Mpunga & Paul K are poised to be compiled and re-issued by Music From Memory. Combining Belgian electronics with Congolese Folk song in a manner not unlike Zazou / Biyake CY1 or Roland Young`s Ballo-Balla. Jex Opolis` La Bellaca doffs its cap to both Detroit and Italy. Electro Fusion from the Ravines long player, forthcoming on Jex`s own Good Timin`. Reminding me of Ian O`Brian`s Dayride, but with a guitar solo straight out of a Mike Francis record. Daniele Baldelli & Dario Piana create the Infinity Machine for Leng. A forceful chugger that updates the sound of Daniele`s legendary tapes. Think XR-7 meets the RAH Band`s Electric Fling, or rival Beppe Loda`s MC-1. Omaggio rescue a piece of of impossible to find `80s Boogie (French I think) by Klaps. Invisible City Editions do the same for the heavenly, Risco Connection-esque, Trinidadian Disco of Oluko Imo`s Praise Jah. Quiroga`s Viaggio A Tulum, on Hell Yeah! is warm padded House. Kinda Deep Burnt meets Waldemar Schwartz`s La Taza De Oro. A mass smile-inducing mid-way through the night tune, that hits a wilfully lop-sided Jazz Funk Groove. Dancing with the skill of a Body & Soul regular. Greece`s Echo Volt release a transmission from Canada`s Electric Sound Broadcast. Rough analogue House, smoothed by touches of the Adriatic / Mediterranean via the `90s Italian heyday of Don Carlos, Leo Mas, Fabrice, Calypso & Heartbeat. Rome`s Vibraphone reissue the real thing in the form of 49th Floor`s Night Passage. A bone fide Italian House classic from 1992. Rabble / Rave rousing Joannas and angel choruses in a mind-bending bongo-tatsic mix that was big at Flying, at London`s Soho Theatre Club. The titular uptempo standout, Zon Zon Zon, from Shelter`s mini-LP / Wally Badarou tribute on International Feel slap basses its way through Wally`s Endless Race and Man Jumping`s Jungle.

Reference Links

The Invaders Of The Heart 

Zazou / Biyake / CY1 



Mike Francis


Electric Fling


Risco Connection

Deep Burnt

Waldemar Schwartz

Don Carlos


Endless Race

Man Jumping 




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