Denis Mpunga & Paul K / Criola / Music From Memory

In the early 1980s, Belgium-based musicians, Denis Mpunga and Patrick Stas (AKA Paul K.) combined Denis` native Congolese Folk song with emerging affordable technology. The duo`s few releases previously confined to Various Artists cassettes and compilations. Such as Spanish label, Auxilio De Cientos` Terra Incognita series. Collections that placed them alongside fellow Synth Pop / Minimal Wave travellers as Diseno Corbusier, the many guises of Alain Neffe, and Zazou Biyake. The latter being their closest musical comparison. Emotional Rescue are coincidently readying a selection of tracks from the two Terra Incognita LPs for re-issue.

Balafons, Sanza, Zither and assorted percussion joined Roland’s MC 202, TB 303, and TR 808 . Korg’s MS20 and Monopoly. Producing Proto-Techno intermezzos contemporary to Moebius & Plank`s Zero Set. Yet sounding as now as Mood Hut`s loose analogue machine-Jazz or 1080P`s Post-Rave. Mirroring the fusion of ancient and modern found on Music From Memory`s recent Outro Tempo anthology. Acting as a direct antecedent of the Dazion 12 issued earlier this year on MFM-related imprint, Second Circle. Mixing up abstract echoes of King Sunny Ade`s Ju Ju with Francis Bebey`s pioneering playfulness. Recalling the Electro-Voodoo of Nyrabakiga`s Cor Corora. If Criola wasn`t a Loda / Baldelli, Afro / Cosmic classic then it should have been.

N.B. The music is much lighter than the cover artwork would have you believe. 

Reference Links

Zazou Biyake

Zero Set 

Mood Hut


Outro Tempo


King Sunny Ade

Francis Bebey


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