Peter Hunnigale / Untamed Love / Jamwax

Tropical Boogie from a stalwart of the UK`s Reggae scene. Peter Hunnigale is better know for recording Lovers Rock. Alongside names such as Tippa Irie, Dennis Brown, Mafia and Fluxy. But French label Jamwax have picked up his debut release from 1986. One of only two singles originally on the UK Cosmic imprint. Untamed Love Brit-Funks about. Stirring together synths, bongos, Linn drums and slap bass. Just like others from London`s young Caribbean community had done a few years earlier. Linx and Hi-Tension`s Dave Joseph. With a bit of The Gap Band`s Big Fun throw in.

The Dub has a more Mediterranean air. Lining up with the Italo-Disco of Dr Togo and Mike Francis.

You can find out more about Jamwax here

Reference Links


Dave Joseph

The Gap Band

Dr Togo

Mike Francis

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