Mix / Looking For The Balearic Beat / May – June 2017

Paraphrasing the Soul Sonic Force and sorting through today`s releases for tunes that could have graced Alfie & Leo`s Amnesia dance floor.

There`s sing-a-long feel-good Zouk on Ruf Kutz #13. Caribbean Boogie from UK Roots stalwart, Peter Hunnigale (on Jamwax). On The Corner have Makadem & Behr`s keen Kenyan melodies. Portugal`s Lena D`Agua goes Pop for Strangelove. Endless Flight reissue more – blistering guitar-driven – Zouk from Jacob Desvarieux (Thank You Ruf Dug). Tony Adams turns in a Brazilian edit for L.A.`s Chit Chat (from same 12 as that excellent Daniel T. rework of Kalabuere). The Pathways Of Our Lives is Mark Barrott`s Summer flute thing. An anthemic mix of Jan Schulte rhythms and Arthur Verocai strings. Chapter reissue Asphixiation`s sax-honking antipodean New Wave (a Len Leise tip). Mind Fair sport leg-warmers, hunting jackets and wedge haircuts for a Street Soul Calypso cover of Joe Jackson`s Steppin` Out. Carl & Carol Jacobs` Electro-Soca gets Emotional-ly Rescued. Earthboogie electrify Africa for Leng. Andrew Weatherall has Chris & Cosey ride the Trans Euro-Disco Express on his remix of Nancy Noise`s Azizi`s Dance. Phil “Cantoma” Mison pays tribute to the White Isle dance floor action of the 1980s with Noche Española. International Feel`s Talamanca System do the same for the 1990s heyday of Italian House. No Zu make modern Balearic “Heat” Beat. A carnival of machines, percussion and whistles.

All of these releases should either already be in shops, or out in the next few weeks. 


Ruf Kutz #13 – Ba Nou – White

Peter Hunnigale – Untamed Love – Jamwax

Makadem & Behr – Nyako – On The Corner

Lena D`Agua – Jardim Zoologico – Strangelove

Jacob Desvarieux – Sweet Florence – Endless Flight

Tony Adams – Estou Livre – Chit Chat

Mark Barrott – The Pathways Of Our Lives – International Feel

Asphixiation – Aural Risk – Chapter Music

Mind Fair – Steppin Out – Rogue Cat Sounds

Carl & Carol Jacobs – Yonge Street Jam – Emotional Rescue

Earthboogie – Route Ten To Interzone – Leng

Nancy Noise – Azizi`s Dance (Andrew Weatherall Remix) – Beyond Paradise

Noche Española – – Noche Española – Highwood Recordings

Talamanca System – Tres Secadas – International Feel

No Zu – Spirit Beat (Spiritual Dub) – Chapter Music

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