Mix / Leo Mas / Balearic Beat Originator

Leo Mas should need no introduction to anybody alighting here. The man, who, with Alfredo Fiorito, defined Balearic Beat at Ibiza`s Amnesia in the mid to late 1980s. Who then went on to become a hero of House in his native Italy. DJing through the 1990s at clubs, like Movida, Afterhours, Ranch, Mazoom and Go! Bang. Places of worship for those that attended. Names uttered in hallowed breath.

I met Leo in 2013. When I was lucky enough to help put his story out there to the English speaking world (with a great deal of assistance from Italian journalist, Christian Zingales). He immediately became a musical guru to me. One of the most generous people I know, it was through Leo`s kind introduction that I got to meet a host of others instrumental in developing the White Isle`s unique sound. He continues to tirelessly answer all my obsessive`s questions about which versions of which leftfield obscurities graced those Amnesia playlists.

But already with yesterday. Leo`s mix for FM Karuizawa`s The Remedy might open with a nod to his sets of the `80s. In the form of a contemplative Cafe Del Mar koto-toned diamond from Spandau Ballet. But after that it`s all new and pretty much as yet unreleased. From the next `Nado, Murena`s  Un Prueba De Amor turns on harbour lights and twilight ambience. Quiroga mixes Blues with a 303 for Hell Yeah! There`s a teaser from the Nordsø & Theill album forthcoming on Music For Dreams. Combining tabla, ethereal vocals, and the guitar of Mikkel from Bombay Hotel. Virtuosity worthy of comparisons to both Paco De Lucia and Manuel Gottsching. A flawless LP that`s set to be one of the Balearic records of the year. Hubbabubbaklubb`s hit, Mopedbart , gets a stoned, chugging remix (250 copies only; on Snorkel). There are two cuts from Wolf Müller`s Tropical Drums Of Deutschland compilation. Again on Music For Dreams. Om Buschman stamp and shout like possessed shamen. While Argile blow their gentle flutes through birdsong on a Kosmische commune. Panoram transform Odeon into future Jazz on Mondo. The Library vibes continuing with previously unreleased treasure from Alessandro Alessandroni`s archives on Four Files. L.A.`s Daniel T. turns in a fantastic edit of Kabaluere for Chit Chat`s second volume of Brazilian reworks. Leo & Fabrice bring out the Afro in Nancy Noise for Craig Christon`s Beyond Paradise (Craig, if you`re reading – really smart set out in the wilds of Hackney Wick the other week!). David Lynch & Chrysta Bell join the dots between Sun Studio reverb and King Tubby`s Hi-Fi. Take the Gun Club to Trevor Jackson`s Metal Dance.


Spandau Ballet – Innocence And Science – Chrysalis – 1982

Murena – Un Prueba De Amor  – Aficionado – 2017

Quiroga – Non Dire Notte  – Hell Yeah! – 2017

Nordsø & Theill  – Good Morning  feat Caroline Franceska – Music For Dreams – 2017

Hubbabubbaklubb – Mopedbart (Olefonken’s Autostrada Miks) – Snorkel – 2017

Om Buschman – Tata Gorem (Wolf Müller Edit) – Music For Dreams – 2017

Odeon – Rocket Launch (Panoram Flashback Version) – Mondo – 2017

Alessandro Alessandroni – Afro Darkness – Four Files – 2017

Daniel T. – Kabaluere – Chit Chat – 2017

Argile – Tagtraum Eines Elefanten – Music For Dreams – 2017

Nancy Noise – Kaia (Balearic Lovers Rmx by Leo Mas & Fabrice) – Beyond Paradise – 2017

Chrysta Bell & David Lynch – Beat The Beat – Meta Hari – 2016

Reference Links

Paco De Lucia

Manuel Gottsching 

Sun Studio reverb

King Tubby`s Hi-Fi

The Gun Club

Trevor Jackson`s Metal Dance

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