Quinn Lamont Luke / Different Aspirations / El Triangulo

Different Aspirations strikes a gong. Let`s out a deep “Om”. Then sets out to convince you that you can learn from and adapt to adversity. Create blue skies from grey. If you just step back and adjust your perspective. Re-align your goals. This message carried by a scratchy Funk groove. Piano cascades. A fuzzed-up solo. It`s Soul of the blue-eyed optimism of Batteau, Mo West`s Odyssey, and Ned Doheny*. A proper song for Spring. With a bridge – and a nod to Marvin Gaye – and everything. Sung and played with the exuberance of The Willow Band`s Willow Man (which has just been reissued legit by Expansion).

On the flip, Quinn converts Joni Mitchell`s ode to the original rave on Yasgur`s Farm into a druggy, altered state chug. It`s acoustic picking now surrounded by distorted Vox Continental, more-than-stoned languid wah-wah, and backed by a clubby thud. A 5 AM anthem in the vein of Ruscha & Bullock`s The Rose, that would have surely done significant damage after-hours at Quinn`s old haunt, Stanton, NYC`s dearly missed Mangiami.

“We are stardust. Billion year old carbon. We are golden. Caught in the Devil`s bargain. And we`ve got to get ourselves back to the garden.”

Nearly half a decade on. Some things change. Some things stay the same.

You can pre-order from Pacific Beach Vinyl here.

There`s some nice footage of Quinn doing his thing in Tokyo last Fall here. 

* If you`re in shops tomorrow for Record Store Day, try and secure a 12 of Be With`s remix of Ned Doheny`s Labor Of Love. You can guarantee you`ll be hearing it all Summer.

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Ned Doheny 

Marvin Gaye

Willow Man

Joni Mitchell

The Rose


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