Gaussian Curve / The Distance / Music From Memory 2017

Side One of Gaussian Curve`s new long-player is, unsurprisingly, Jonny Nash (& Kyle Martin)`s Land Of Light, Gigi Masin`s Talk To The Sea, and Young Marco`s Biology in equal measure. The ambience as graceful as Part, Richter or Johannsson. While lively rhythms gently snap, crackle, shake and finger pop. Oriental timbres, chimes, and repeated, treated keyboard refrains caught in Dancing Rain. Hovering in Suspended Motion. In clouds of sustain. Guitar and keys reading each others minds. Finishing each other`s lines. Flirting with Jazz-Fusion. But by the start of Side Two the album has you immersed. Full of the Breath of its own Another Place. A six-string slide Ceremony invokes Eno`s Deep Blue Day. In an alternative soundtrack to Mark Renton`s T2 swim in nostalgia. Return and reconciliation. On T.O.R. a trumpet sounds against the steady, unstoppable chatter of the Yesterday Express. Rushing the points to who knows where. The past`s whistle blowing. Bending and distorting as it speeds out of earshot. Towards The Distance. An ever-decreasing dot off on a horizon. Jonny`s axe weeping arcs of longing.

The bongos and grand piano on Four For You are as Classic Cafe Del Mar contemplative as anything else you`ll hear this year.

I think this is in shops tomorrow. 

Reference Links

Land Of Light

Talk To The Sea


Arvo Part

Max Richter 

Johan Johannsson

Oriental timbres


Deep Blue Day


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