Neo Image / Mood Hut

Music for deep dance floor dreams. Fractured Jazzy keys 5AM float to an off-set Bogle rhythm. In a / inner calm. Beats dissolving into fizz. Just before the dawn.

Aquatic Alien analogue transmissions swim the same midnight blue waters as Photek`s soon to be reissued T-Raenon. Whale song. A song to the siren. Sung with the seductive Barry White growl of Oracy on Mojuba.

Like Dubstep re-dubbed. Head nodding high and consumed by bass. Transported back to the womb. Back to the warm comfort of a mother`s heartbeat.

True Ambient House.

Not sure when this is in shops, but I`m guessing it`s soon.

Reference Links


A Songs To The Siren



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