Peter Westheimer / Cool Change / Left Ear

Left Ear`s latest release is a compilation of the work of Peter Westheimer. Much of it lifted from his 1985 long player, Move. Australian Post-Punk, Cold Wave. Produced back when 1992 was far enough in the future to allow projections of a world populated by mutants. Weirdo Synth-Pop songs that combine Electro experiments, a la Richard Bone, with the deadpan of Jah Wobble`s Lago years. Lyrics about plastic, elastic, superficiality and Orwellian conspiracies. There are also more recent pieces that date from the early `90s themselves. Warmer, more Ambient instrumentals that use machines to mimic brass, bells, steel pans and rainforest wildlife. The track, Cadaghi Dreaming, touching on the beauty of Beverly Glenn-Copeland`s Keyboard Fantasies.

Reference Links

Richard Bone

Jah Wobble`s Lago Years

Beverly Glenn-Copeland 

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