Five Years Of Loving Notes / Antinote

Parisian label Antinote celebrate their fifth anniversary with an album that compiles fourteen new tracks from the forward thinking artists on their roster. Artists and music I`ve described previously as

“Bontempi, stylophones, and starlight”

“Jun Fukamachi covering Moments In Love

“Hallucinogenic New Jack Swing”

“21st Century Lounge”

Village Of The Damned meets Razzy`s I Hate Hate”

Despite the imprint`s varied output the compilation is a surprisingly cohesive listen. Defiantly electronic and inhabiting a modern place where Balearic Beat meets Daniele Baldelli`s Cosmic. Segueing from a walk on a beach – all be against a horizon of Camus` Absurdism – to glacial, Jazz-influenced Techno – to dubbed out Psyche Rock. Pulling in reference points like Mathematiques Modernes (Domenique Dumont), Joe Byrd`s United States Of America (Stephane Laporte), Brian Briggs, Wladimar M (both Raphael Top-Secret), Anna Domino, Pili Pili (D.K.), Bandulu (Antoine Kogut & Nico Motte), George Duke, David Axelrod (Inoue Shirabe), Clive Stevens (Tolouse Low Trax), Steve Reich, Mark Broom (Leonardo Martelli), Stasis (Geena), Masumi Hara (Natsukashi), The Cure (The Simplists), Gainsbourg, Vannier and Birkin (Alek Lee).

The first six tracks form a seamless sophisticated mix of Electro rhythms, fretless bass, Exotica – African timbres, monkeys, birds and big cats – and space age bachelor pad lava lamp Psychedelia. Too warm to be Cold Wave. Too Pop to be Avant Garde. Inoue Shirabe`s track then sounds a change in tone. It`s North Beach freakout colliding with Electric Prunes-like baroque. While his analogue bubblebath runs in the background. Nico Motte`s sleepy somnambulist chimes get interrupted by Iueke`s machines. The collection`s darkest moment. Marching like Lovecraftian monsters. Unseen through mists at the Mountains Of Madness. Natsukashi`s Japanese ballad navigates patterns of abstract Synesthesia shapes. The Simplists kinda version All Cats Are Grey. Alek Lee puts the Histoire de Melody Nelson through King Tubby`s Hi-Fi.

Reference Links

Mathematiques Modernes

Joe Byrd`s United States Of America

Brian Briggs

Wladimar M

Anna Domino

Pili Pili 


George Duke

David Axelrod

Clive Stevens

Steve Reich

Mark Broom


Masumi Hara

The Cure

Gainsbourg, Vannier and Birkin

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