Nancy Noise / Remixes / Beyond Paradise

Azizi`s Dance gets remixed by Andrew Weatherall, then Tim Hutton and Craig Christon`s Paradise Project.

Weatherall takes Nancy`s bass line and Electro-fies it. Amidst the Noise of UFOs and Lasers. High Hats and echoed handclaps. Set to the rhythm of a train beneath a small keyboard refrain, and warped synths. His second mix sets seductive sighs and sampled, American accented, out of earshot dialogue, against the drum machines. For some reason making me think of IRT`s Watch The Closing Doors. Peaking with a melody that has Chris & Cosey ride a Trans Euro Disco Express.

Paradise Project take that bass line back to 1989 / 90. Kinda like Man Power did for Kaia on the first 12. Pitched right down and in line with Paul Oakenfold`s Movement 98. The Future and Raid mixes he undertook with Steve Osbourne. Bongos and pianos. Mediterranean whispers and giggles. Clipped guitar chords and Wah-Wah lead. The odd squirt of Acid. Electra`s Autumn Love. Bali`s Love To Love You. As much of a homage to halcyon daze gone by as Phil “Cantoma” Mison`s recent Noche Espanola.

The closing Balearic Lovers remix of Kaia, by Leo Mas and Fabrice, transports the young lady of the title from Forest Row to West Africa. Swaps Rudolf Steiner for a griot. Theosophy for Sun Worship. The original`s Flamenco for Kora. Slowing the groove to something for the start of the night after the morning after the night before.

Reference Links

Watch The Closing Doors

Chris & Cosey

Movement 98



Noche Española

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